The Barnevelder Club of North America (BCNA) is built by exhibition breeders for exhibition breeders and fanciers alike. Primary goals of the club are to preserve and promote the Barnevelder across North America. We achieve this by showing at APA recognized shows and constantly educating ourselves and new breeders about the beautiful Barnevelder. This also means that we will be able to produce newsletters and breed technical information for our members. ​We have judges and long time successful breeders on board from different countries, including the Netherlands. The Barnevelder breed club in Holland supports our efforts also and this will make everything even more interesting. No one is ever done learning! Enjoy the pictures and articles throughout the Website and find breeders near you that can help you acquire birds. Currently only the original double laced color is recognized by the APA. You can see pictures of other varieties, recognized by other countries on this site also. If you really like this breed as much as we do, why not support us in preserving and promoting this beautiful bird and join us in membership! We must warn everybody, the Barnevelder is very addictive! We hope you enjoy our website and we welcome any feed back through our contact page. We hope to meet you soon at a show nearby. ​ ​Regards, the BCNA board of directors.




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